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A good habit in learning is to make full use of class time.

20. affect(v.)effect(n.)influence(v&n)影响 effort 努力

have an effect/influence on 对…有影响

make an effort to do 或 make efforts to do

The latest discovery in gene will have a great effect on the health of human beings.

They made great efforts to find a new cure to lung cancer.

21. afford(to do)sth买/花/用/支付得起

It’s hard to imagine how he can afford(to buy)a house on his small salary.

22. be afraid of 担心,害怕

23. at the age of

24. agree with 同意

agree on 同意(双方就…达成一致)

agree to 同意(上级,父母对下级,晚辈允许…)

The two countries have agreed on the date for next talk.

My parents don’t agree to my staying outside overnight.

25. ahead of time 提前

We finished our assignment ahead of time.

26. by air=by plane by sea= by ship by bus/train on foot

26. after all 毕竟 above all 首先(not…)at all一点(也不)all over

28. allow/permit…to do… 允许…做…

29. although/though but 连词不能同时用在句子中。

As 连词倒装句

in spite of/despite 介词不连接句子

Although he was seriously ill,he went on with the experiment.

Young as he is,he has already learned three foreign languages:English,French and Japanese.

Although he is young,he has already learned three foreign languages:English,French and Japanese.

In spite of/despite his illness,he went on with his experiment.

30. be angry with ** be angry at sth

31. apart from=besides除了…之外,还有…

=except 除了…

No one knows what happened except mr. Smith.

He has a large collection of books besides CDs.

32. apply(~for申请)应用

He has successfully applied for a position(职位)in the company.

33. appreciate 欣赏


I really appreciate your coming to the party.类似动词有:

enjoy,mind介意,avoid避免,escape逃避,can’t help禁不住,risk冒险,need=want需要

insist on 坚持

My hair needs cutting.

34. approve 赞成,批准

35. argue with ** 与…争论

36. arise~from rise arouse raise

New problems will arise as the old ones have been solved.(出现)

Are there any things arising from last meeting?(源于)

His speech aroused little interest among the students.(引起,激起)

The company has raised the prices of its products.(提高)

The prices of goods rose day by day during the Spring Festival.(上升)

37.Artificial人工的,假的~ flowers

38. as for 至于 as to 关于,至于 as if/though 似乎,好象