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remain stay


remain 常可与stay 互换, 但它强调“继续停留于一处或保持原状态、情况性质而不改变”, 如:

This place remains cool all summer.


stay强调“某人[物]继续留在原地而不离开”, 如:

He stayed to see the end of the game.



These nouns denote the qualities in a person that permit or facilitate achievement or accomplishment.


Ability is the power,mental or physical,to do something:

Ability 是指智力或体力上具有做某事的能力:

“To make a fortune some assistance from fate is essential. Ability alone is insufficient” (Ihara Saikaku)。

“要致富,光靠能力是不够的,还得看机遇” (伊哈拉。塞科古)。

Capacity refers to an innate potential for growth,development,or accomplishment:

Capacity 指天赋的,如生长、发展或成功的潜力:

“Not by age but by capacity is wisdom acquired”(Plautus)。

“智慧的获得是依靠才能而不是年龄” (普洛提斯)。

Faculty denotes an inherent power or ability:

Faculty 指内在的力量或能力:

An unerring faculty for detecting hypocrisy is one of her most useful attributes.


Talent emphasizes inborn ability,especially in the arts:

Talent 强调天生的才能,尤其是在艺术方面:

“There is no substitute for talent.Industry and all the virtues are of no avail” (Aldous Huxley)。

“勤奋及其他的品质都不能弥补天分的不足” (阿尔多斯。赫胥黎)。

Skill stresses ability that is acquired or developed through experience:

Skill 强调由经验而获得或发展的能力:

“The intellect,character and skill possessed by any man are the product of certain original tendencies and the training which they have received”(Edward L. Thorndike).

“任何人的知识、性格和能力都是由起初的兴趣加上后来接受的训练而得到的。” (爱德华L.桑戴克)。

Competence suggests the ability to do something satisfactorily but not necessarily outstandingly well:

Competence 指能做到使人满意但并不一定特别出众的能力:

The concerto was performed by a violinist of unquestioned competence but limited imagination.


Aptitude implies inherent capacity for learning,understanding,or performing:

Aptitude 暗指内在的学习、理解和表演的才能:

Even as a child he showed an unusual aptitude for mathematics.


形容词 complete 和 perfect 虽然都有“完全的”含义,但并非同义词,在许多情况下它们只是词义相近而已。

complete 的含义是“完整无缺的”、“圆满的”

He is a complete stranger to me.

我一点也不认识他。(可以和 perfect 换用)

Before long,the noise dropped completely.