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只能跟动词不定式的动词,常见的有:afford, agree, aim, appear, arrange, ask, believe, care, claim, decide, decline(拒绝), demand, desire, determine, endeavor, expect, fail, hesitate, hope, intend, learn, long, manage, mean(想要), offer(表示愿意做…), pretend, promise, refuse, seek(试图), swear, undertake, wish(想要)等。

5) We refuse that there are insufficient funds in the great vaults(银行保管库) of this nation.

[A] to believe [B] to be belived[C] beliving

[D] have belived6) The green turtle has been known over 2,000 miles to return to a nesting site.

[A] in the navigating [B] the navigation [C] to navigate [D] navigation

7) For the [A] first time Venusian scientists managed landing [B] a satellite on the planet Earth, and it has been sending [C] back signals as well as [D] photographs ever since.

8) The day is past when Chinese universities and colleges to give high school diplomas to all who sit through four years of instruction, regardless of whether any visible results can be discerned.

[A] afforded[B] affording[C] to afford

[D] can afford从上例我们可以看出afford一般与can和can’t或could和couldn’t连用。