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常见的有:advise,decide, discuss, find out, forget, inquire, know, learn, regard, remember, see, settle, teach, tell, think(=consider), understand, wonder等。这些疑问代(副)词有what, when, where, which, how, whether等,但不包括why,如:

He does not know how to go there

when to speak before strangers.

who(m) to visit.

which one to choose.

You can decide whether to go forward or stay here.

when to see a doctor.

I will show you what to do.

where to go.

how to deal with it.


9) The director of this organization must know .

[A] to manage money, sell his product and beable to satisfy stockholders

[B] managing money, selling, and be able to satisfy the stockholders

[C] how to manage money, sell his product, and satisfy the stockholders

[D] money management, selling and being able to satisfy the stockholders

10) To tell you the truth, I really don’t know how deal with a man like him.

[A] can I[B] well[C] to[D] much

We find it difficult to get everything ready before the time you require.

She cosiders it important to make friends with them.

I don’t think it necessary to argue with them on this problem.

4、有时THERE和TO BE连用表示“有”或“存在(某情况)”等

It is impossible for there to be any more.

Would you like there to be a meeting to discuss the problem?

I expect there to be no argument about this?


He has his own decision of how to do it.