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22) its plans to promote disarmaments,the party has decided to establish a campaign headquarters with Benjamin Seaman as its leader.

[A]Although[B]To carry out[C]Except that[D] Make

23) pure lead,the lead ore is mined,then smelted,and finally refined.

[A] Obtaining[B] Being obtained[C] To obtain[D] It is obtained

24) When they met,Leonardo and his enemy were fighting.

[A]killed each other[B]killing each other[C]to be killed each other

[D]to kill each other


It’s very kind of you to say so. / I am pretty pleased to hear the news that you are elected as the president of the club. / I’m sorry to interrupt you. / They are quite surprised to see the great changes taking place in the area.


在下列表示能力、愿望、倾向等语义的形容词后边也要接不定式:able(但其同义词“ capable”后面要接“of+动名词”),anxious, eager, glad, inclined(倾向于),liable, likely, pleased, ready等。

25) Certain [A] minerals are magnetic and are able to detected [B] by instruments that measure [C] differences in the Earth’s magnetic fields [D] .