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1、有很多这样的动词可以跟宾语及其(或)补足语不定式,如:advise, allow, ask, enable, beg, cause, drive, encourage, expect, forbid, force, hate, get , intend, invite, like, permit, persuade, pretend, remind, say, teach, tell, trust, urge, want, warn等表示“致使”等意义

26) The company manager may enable the men who tend the machines a large panorama(全景)of possibilites.

[A] to see[B] see[C] seeing[D] seen

27) Did you intend us the new method?

[A] to use [B] using [C] our having used [D] the using of

28) The teacher encouraged good compositions.

[A] us write[B] us writing[C] us to write[D] our wrting

2、在某些成语动词如 arrange for, call on, care for, count on, count upon, depend upon, long for, prepare for, prevail upon, rely on, vote for, wait for等后面,也可以跟宾语加不定式的复合结构

We are waiting for the bus to come./ They voted for Wang Gang to be the monitor. / Don’t count on me to do that.

3、另外,表示感觉的动词 see, hear, feel, watch, notice, observe和have, let, make后的宾语可接不带to的不定式(help后不定式可带to也可不带to)

29) I often heard him that his family was well descended.

[A] said[B] say[C] to say[D] to be said

30) We must have a person them build the house.

[A] see[B] to see[C] will see[D] shall see

31) You would become irritated [A] if you watched [B] the correspondence to pile up [C] on your desk day by day [D] .

4、表示心理状态的动词像consider, declare, find, prove, think, know , believe, discover, feel(=think), imagine, judge, pretend, suppose, understand等词的宾语补足语不定式一般是to be(或动词的完成时态)

32) “You’ve been taking a lot of nice photographs.”Thanks. I’m considering a professional photographer.

[A] becoming[B] about become[C] to become[D] over becoming

而且,在consider, declare, find, prove, think等动词后的to be 是可以省去的。如:She considered me a scholar. / They found him gulty.