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He received a warm welcome from the Australians and from his family who had flown there to meet him.

In 1967, he arrived back in England, where a quarter of a million people were waiting to welcome him.

After all, eighty was a special birthday, another decade lived or endured just as you chose to look at it.

Now suddenly she began to sob, holding herself in as if weeping were a disgrace.


She feels relaxed to have finished writing her thesis before the deadline.

33)The Vikings are believed America.

[A] to have discovered[B] in discovering[C] to discover[D] to have been discovered

34)The students were to at the auditorium before 1:30 pm, but the lecture was cancelled at the last minute.

[A] assembled [B] have assembled [C] assembling [D] be assembled

35)He was to the new ambassador, but he fell ill.

[A] having telephoned[B] have telephoned[C] has telephoned[D] telephoning


When he came in, I happened to be doing my experiment in the lab.

Why do you stand here?You are supposed to be working in the workshop.


The students from the Department of Sociology are said to have been investigating the possibility of producing the new product.

They are quite happy to have been cooperating harmoniously with us till now.