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36) Here we found little snow,as most of it seemed blown off the mountain.

[A]to have been [B]to be [C]that it was [D]that it had been

37) For twelve years,Spanish censorship did not allow Lorca’s name or his works .

[A] to mention;to be published [B] to be mentioned;to publish

[C] being mentioned;being published [D] to be mentioned;to be published

38) There is,it seems [A],no [B] limit to the satisfaction to be finding [C] in the pursuit of knowledge [D].

九、不定式的否定形式:否定形式是在不定式的标志to前边加not a

39)that new information to anyone else but the sergeant.

[A] They asked him not to give [B] They asked him to don’t give

[C] They asked him no give [D] They asked him to no give

40)Please remember lights on in the future.

[A] don’t leave [B] not to leave [C] not leaving [D] don’t to leave

41)The teacher told [A] the students to don’t [B] discuss [C] the take?home exam with each other


He seldom goes back home except to ask for money from his parents.

He did nothing there except watch TV for the whole night.(不带to的不定式)

I had no choice but to stay in bed.

Last night I did nothing but prepare my lessons.

42)Lots of empty bottles were found under the old man’s bed.He must have done nothing but .

[A] drink [B] to drink [C] drinking [D] drunk

43)When the streets are full of [A] melting [B] snow,you cannot help but getting [C] your shoes wet