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3. “Is there ______ good on TV this evening?”

“Sorry, nothing good. ”

A. nothing B. something C. anything D. everything


答案 C

4. You have a good suggestion, but its not as practical as _______.

A. he B. him C. his D. her

答案 C

5. A chemist prepares his experiments carefully before trying to carry _____ in his lab.

A. it out B. out it C. them out D. out them

carry out 实施 宾格放在词组中间,名词放在词组后面。如,carry out his experiments

答案 C

6. Nowadays _____ seems to enjoy looking at fat girls. That is why many companies have developed special foods to help people to slim(苗条)。

A. everyone B. anybody C. somebody D. no one

enjoy doing sth.


答案 D

7. You have to hurry up if you want to buy eggs because theres hardly _____ left.

A. anything B. something C. nothing D. everything

hardly 否定词,几乎不的意思。

答案 A

8. He felt bad because he had drunk too _____ the night before.

A. many B. much C. few D. little


drink too much 喝多了

too much wine 太多的酒

答案 B

9. She promised her parents to write _______ while she was away.

A. other day B. another day C. every other day D. any other day

every other 每隔……

答案 C

10. It was terrible. One passenger was killed, and _____ was badly hurt.

A. the others B. rest C. the rest D. the other

he others后面谓语动词接复数。

答案 D

11. Some people hope to be more successful while _____ simply want to feel more comfortable.

A. the others B. others C. the other D. another

some others

comfortable 舒适的

答案 B

12. If anyone happens to call while I am out of the office, please have ________ leave a message for me .

A. he B. him C. they D. them

have sb. do sth. 让某人做某事

答案 B

13. The first thing that my brother and _______ did in the early morning was to go out to see the pony.

A. I B. me C. mine D. my

pony 小马

主语 first thing,谓语动词 was to go out to see,宾语 the pony.

答案 A

14. “Id like some more bananas.”

“Im sorry, there is _______ left.”

A. no B. some C. few D. none

答案 D

15. There are two windows in this bedroom. _______ of them face south, overlooking a beautiful park.

A. Both B. One C. The two D. Either

either 开头谓语动词要接单数,both谓语动词用复数。

答案 A

16. The jacket doesnt fit Terry, as he has _______ huge body and the jacket is _____ small.

A. such a; such B. such a; so

C. so ; so D. so ; such a


so huge the body

答案 B

17. “Why are you smiling?”

“Oh, Ive just thought of _________.”

A. funny something B. something funny

C. nothing funny D. funny anything



答案 B

18. Young babies can use _________ hand equally well.

A. either B. each C. both D. every


答案 A

19. _______ road out of town is good, but this one is better than the other.

A. Both B. All C. None D. Neither

答案 D

20. “I felt a bit hungry.”

“Why dont you have ______ bread?”

A. any B. some C. little D. a piece

习语 Why dont you have some……

答案 B

21. It was at the music hall _______ we met each other for the first time.

A. when B. where C. which D. that


答案 D