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数 词(3-3~4-1)




表示数目的词称基数词。15 fifteen,几百几千不加s,242 two hundred and forty-two,5058 five thousand and fifty-eight,9,600,000 nine million six hundred thousand


6+8=14 Six plus eight is fourteen.

9-7=2 Nine minus seven is two.

7X5= 35 Seven times five is thirty-five.

8÷4=2 Eight divided by four is two.


He died in his fifties.

This took place in 1990s/1990s.

The professor became successful in his thirties.


1700 seventeen hundred

1814 eighteen fourteen

9:20 nine twenty

11:30 eleven thirty/ half past eleven

5:45 five forty-five/ a quarter to six

88760231 eight eight seven, six zero two, three one


Number six, line 4, page 19, Bus(No.) 332, Platform (No.) 5, Room 101


A one-month-old baby can recognize its mother by smell.

This eleven-month-old baby can speak a few words.

(The baby is eleven months old.)

The teacher asked us to write a four-thousand-word essay as our homework.

(There are four thousand words in the essay.)

This four-paragraph essay is too difficult for me to understand.

(There are four paragraphs in this essay. )


表示顺序的词称为序数词。如first, second, third, fourth, ninth, twenty-first, forty-fifth等。

序数词可以用来表示日期和世纪。May the first / the first of May(5.1), August the eighth / the eighth of August(8.8), the twentieth century, the twenty-first century


The first of October is our National Day.

She was the third to arrive.


Theyll have to do it a second time.

Shall I ask him a third time?

When he sat down , a fourth man rose to ask.



two-thirds(2/3),one-third(1/3), nine-tenths (9/10), five-twelfths(5/12)。

特殊表达法有:one half (1/2),a quarter (1/4), three quarters (3/4)



数词部分需特别注意dozen, hundred, million, billion 等词。表示具体数字时,这些词用单数形式,表示不具体的数字时,须用dozens of, hundreds of 这类的结构。

I want three dozen of these.

He has been there dozens of times.

It is reported that _____ people in this area were saved in the storm.

A. hundred B. hundred of C. hundreds of D. some hundreds

(答案 C)


The homework for the next period is to write a two-hundred-word composition about your hometown.

Mary is a eleven-year-old girl.

(Mary is eleven years old.)


1. In ______ century computers will be used more widely.

A. twenty-one B. the twenty-one C. twenty-first D. the twenty-first


答案 D

2. The meeting will be held in _______ .

A. 112 Room B. Room 112 C. the 112 Room D. the Room 112

答案 B

3. The Great Wall of China is about 6,700 _______.

A. kilometer long B. kilometers long

C. kilometer longer D. kilometers longer

答案 B

4. “How many presidents were there before Abraham Lincoln?”

“Fifteen, so he was ______.”

A. the sixteen president B. the sixteenth president

C. president sixteen D. president the sixteenth

the sixteenth president 第十六任总统

答案 B

5. “What did the professor tell you to do?”

“I had to write a ______ report. ”

A. two thousand words B. two-thousands-word

C. two-thousand-word D. two-thousand words

答案 C

6. “Did you buy anything at the clothing sale?”

“Yes, I bought three _____ ties for just twelve dollars.”

A. five dollars B. five-dollars C. five-dollar D. fifth dollar

答案 C

7. Eight minus three _______ five.

A. leave B. leaves C. left D. has left


答案 B

8. What date is it ? Its ________.

A. July twentieth-first B. July the twenty-first

C. the twenty-first of July D. Both B and C

7月21日:July the twenty-first

the twenty-first of July


9. When he was in his ________, he got the chance to go abroad to study.

A. forty B. fortys

C. fortys years old D. forties


10. “Rex told me you have moved.”

“Yes, into a _______.”

A. two-storey house B. house of two story

C. house of two stories D. two-stories house


11. “I would like to register this letter.”

“Please go to _______ on your left.”

A. third window B. window third

C. the window three D. the third window

register 挂号,邮寄