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1. We are not _______ to afford a car yet.

A. enough money B. money enough

C. rich enough D. enough rich

1、enough 作为形容词放在可数复数名词和不可数名词前。

Have you got enough sandwiches for lunch?

Surely 15 minutes is enough time for you to have coffee.

2、enough 作为代词。

Six bottles of wine will be enough.

I hope enough of you are prepared to help with the show.

3、enough 作为副词,放在动词、形容词和其他副词的后面。

You dont practice enough at the piano.

Is the river deep enough for swimming (to swim in)?

She isnt good enough for the exam.

答案 C

2. “Its six oclock and your father is still at the office.”

“I know, who else would _______ he does?”

A. be as hard working as B. as working harder than

C. do harder work than D. work as hard as


答案 D

3. “Ralph seems to like this country.”

“Yes, he is _______ here as he was at home.”

A. almost as happy B. as happy almost

C. as almost happy D. almost happy as


almost (already)放在系动词be的后面,其他动词的前面。

答案 A

4. They say Mexico City is more populous than _______ in the world.

A. any city      B. any other city

C. any else city   D. any rest city

populous 人口众多的


答案 B

5. Most of the students have made _______ progress in their study of English than we first expected.

A. more great B. more greater

C. far greater D. far more greater

答案 C

6. General George Brown was older than _________ in his regiment (军团)。

A. any officer B. any other officer

C. any others officer  D. any officer else

答案 B

7. The French seem far more interested in reading about Africa _______ about their nearest neighbors.

A. as B. than C. the same D. so

more 为比较级,只能than

答案 B

8. It usually takes much _______ time to fly from one country to another than to travel by train.

A. more B. less C. little D. least


答案 B

9. Frank plays _________ Alex.

A. a lot more better than B. much more better than

C. a lot better than D. much more well than

答案 C

10. Have you finished your homework? This lesson is ________ than the last one.

A. more easier B. more easy

C. very easier D. much easier

答案 D

11. Young people regard Bob Dylan as _________ other musicians.

A. more better than B. more superior than

C. superior to D. more perfect to

superior 没有比较级。

superior to 优于

答案 C

12. “Wont you have more meat?”

“No, thanks. Ive had ________ enough already.”

A. beyond B. more than

C. greater than D. plenty of

more than happy(glad) to do sth. 高兴做某事

I am more than happy to take you there in my car.

答案 B

13. Id like to leave my car near here. Wheres the ______, please?

A. nearest parking B. next parking

C. nearest car parking D. next car park

答案 A

14. The harder they worked, ____________.

A. they seemed to do less B. the less they seemed to do

C. they were doing less D. they did less

the +比较级…,the+比较级

答案 B

15. “Do you enjoy the new camera?”

“Yes, _______, the more skilled I become.”

A. as I take more pictures B. the more pictures I take

C. as more pictures I take D. the pictures I take more

the +比较级…,the+比较级

答案 B

16. The more we looked at the abstract painting, _______.

A. the less we liked it B. we like it less

C. better we liked it D. it looked better

the +比较级…,the+比较级

答案 A

17. The new large passenger jets have made the traffic problems at airports _______.

A. more bad than it was B. the worse than before

C. worse than ever before D. more bad than they were

make+名词+形容词 使……成为,变为

The news makes her happy.

His actions make him universally respected.

答案 C

18. Of the two lectures, the first was by far the _______.

A. good B. better C. best D. worst

by far跟形容词或副词的比较级或最高级连用时,放在这类词的后面。


It is quicker by far to go by train.

She is the best by far. (She is by far the best.)

答案 B

19. Kansas is _________ states in Americas mid-west.

A. one of the flattest B. the flattest

C. as flatter as D. flattest of the

答案 A

20. On the day he was to give his speech, Paul was suffering from one of _______ colds he had ever had.

A. bad B. worse C. the worst D. bad of all

答案 C

suffer from 遭受……罪

21. The steel output of this year will be bigger than _____ last year.

A. this of B. the one C. that of D. those of

output 产量


答案 C

22. Japan has taken a more independent stand ________.

A. as it does before B. as it did before

C. than it does a few years ago D. than it did a few years ago

stand 立场

答案 D

23. Her English is very good. She can speak English better than _____ in her grade.

A. any one B. the one

C. anyone else D. other student



Moral beauty ought to be ranked above all other beauty.

2、前面有the, this, that, some, any, each, every, no, none, one以及形容词性物主代词时,other可跟单数名词连用。

Every member must bring one other person.

There must be some other reason for him refusing to help.


Dont say another word.


He went back to work too soon,and was laid up for another three months.

one…the other… 一个…另一个…

one…another… (同组内的两个个体)

答案 C

24. The new model costs twice ________ last years .

A. more than B. as much as C. as many as D. than


The new model costs twice more than last years.

答案 B

25. This one isnt good. That one is _______ worse.

A. more B. very C. quite D. even

quite后面只能跟原级。 This one is quite bad.



very quickly, very soon


the very best quality, six oclock at the very latest

3、very 表示正是…… Sitting in the very same seat.

答案 D