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介 词(05-2~06-3)







1. across(穿过)

My mother lives across the street.

I came across him yesterday. (come across偶然遇到)

The post office is just across the street.

2. after(在……之后)

The children went to bed after saying good night to their parents.

Who will look after your baby while youre away?

(look after 照看,照料,take care of)

The girl is named after her mother.

(name after 以……命名)

Rewrite the sentences after the model. (模仿,仿照)

3. against(反对)

What you are doing is against the rule.

We are against the proposal. (be against 反对)

Nobody has got anything against you.

4. along(沿着)

They walked along Nanjing Road.

There is a cinema along the street.

Im getting along/ on well with my classmates.

5. around(围绕)

We all drew up closely around him.

The guide showed us around the city.

(show sb. around 领某人参观)

6. at(在……)

Lets meet at the station.

She was at a conference.

The committee is to meet at the weekend.

He joined up at eighteen.(join up 参军)

What are you laughing at? (laugh at 嘲笑)

Lets have a look at the picture. (have a look at 看一看)

My mother was surprised at the news.(be surprised at 吃惊)

He is good at mathematics.(be good at 擅长)

He is good at drawing.

7. before(在……之前)

Dont put the cart before the horse. 不要本末倒置。

Pride comes before a fall. 骄傲就会摔跤。

Before starting the work, we had a discussion.

Before long, the war broke out. (break out 爆发)

I bought the book the day before yesterday.

8. besides (除…之外还)

There are six students in the classroom besides me.

Besides fun and good exercise, swimming is a very useful skill.

9. between(在……之间)

Come between ten and eleven oclock.

They dont know the difference between wheat and oats.

(among 用于三者或三者以上)

Whats the difference between them?

10. beyond(在……之外)

The lake is beyond that mountain.

Dont go beyond the city boundary. (go beyond 超过)

Its expensive and beyond our reach.

The city is beyond recognition. (beyond recognition 面目全非)

The problem is too difficult. Its beyond me.

This is inevitable and beyond all doubts. 这是必然的,毫无疑义的。

11. but ((除…之外)

Who but a fool would do such a thing?

I have nothing but a book in my hand.

Im the last but one to get here.


She passed by me without saying goodbye to me.

The woman is standing by the door.

By the time we got to the station, the train had left.

By the end of the year, we have trained 400 people.

I came here by taxi. (by bus, by plane, by ship, on foot)

The girl isnt an actress by profession. (actor 男演员)

Whats the time by your watch?

This novel is written by Charles Dickens.

Consumer goods production will go up by 6 % this year.

I met him by chance yesterday. (by chance 偶尔碰到)

We all have to abide by the rules. (abide by 遵守)

By the way, where is the teacher? (by the way 顺便说一下)

In order to pass the exam, we have to learn the texts by heart.

At the age of ten she began to live by herself.(by oneself 独自)

13. except (除去)

None of us have seen the film except my sister.

He comes to school every day except Saturday.

She is alone in the world except for her mother.

14. for(为了)

After supper I always go out for a walk.

(go out for a walk 散步)

Thank you for spending so much time listening to me explain.

Thank you for spending so much time listening to my explanation.

Forgive me for being late. (表原因)

Im sorry for what has happened.

The coat is for sale. (for sale 出售)

This is a book for you.

Whenever she is in trouble, shell turn to her parents for help.

(be in trouble 处在困难之中 turn to 向某人求助)

We left Beijing for Shanghai last week. (leave…for… 动身去)

I have studied English for three years.

I sold the flat for 100,000 yuan.

(flat,apartment 公寓,house 别墅,room 房间)

How much do you pay for the coat? (pay for 付款)

Its hard for me to get rid of all the rats. (get rid of 消灭,消除)

Im looking for my book.

find(找到): Im looking for my book, but I cant find it.

I do this all for your good. (for ones good 为了某人好)

Who are you waiting for? (wait for 等待)

They do this for the sake of their mother.

(for the sake of 因为)