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①Im looking forward ____ you tomorrow.

A.to see B. to seeing C. seeing D. see

look forward to doing


②I always arrive at the office in time, but _______ the heavy rain, Im one hour late this morning.

A.because B. because of C. as D. since



③This weekly schedule will make you more aware of how you spend your time.

aware of意识到

④Ill speak to him about it.

speak to sb. 对某人谈话


1. When the taxi came I put out my head, but it just went ______ me without stopping.

A. off B. over C. through D. past

put out my head(伸出头)

go out(下车)

go over (复习)

go through (碾过去)

past (经过)

答案 D

2. His ears are highly sensitive ________ any unusual sound in the machine.

A. of B. on C. to D. by

sensitive to (对……敏感)

答案 C

3. He might have been killed _______ the arrival of the police.

A. except for B. but for C. with D. for

except for (除了)

but for (要不是)

with (和……在一起)

for (因为)

except for: 除了……之外 The road was empty except for a few cars.

but for: 倘无,要不是, 表虚拟语气。But for the doctors skill, he would have died.

But for the rain, we should have had a very pleasant journey.

答案 B

4. Japan is __________ the east of China.

A. at B in C. over D. to

答案 D

5. Try some of this tobacco. Youll say its second ______ none.

A. of B. with C. to D. but

second to none=as good as the best (不亚于任何人或事物)

As a dancer, she is second to none.

答案 C

6. He sold his car _________ $2,000 .

A. for B. over C. in D. by

答案 A

7. “Wasnt John supposed to be here by now?”

“Dont worry. Hell be here _______ twenty minutes.”

A. by at least B. around C. at nearly D. in about

答案 D

8. “Could you find an answer to your problem in the book I gave you?”

“I looked at it , but it wasnt really _______.”

A. much used B. able to use C. of usefulness D. of much use

to ……的答案 key to my room(我屋子的钥匙)

be of use=be useful

答案 D

9. “Are you done with the book I gave you?”

“Not quite. Ive read all ______ the last chapter.”

A. but B. until C. just D. yet

but 除了

until 直到

just 刚好

yet 还没有


but: 主要与no one , none, nothing, nobody等否定词用;who, where, what等疑问词;all, everyone, everything, anyone, anything, 及everywhere等连用。

Who but George would do such a thing?

Isnt there anything but mountains?

except+句子;except for+n.

except+n. 时主要与no one , none, nothing, nobody等否定词用;all, everyone, everything, anyone, anything, 及everywhere等连用。不与who,where,what等疑问词连用

答案 A

10. I agree with him ________ , but not entirely.

A. until a certain point B. to some point

C. to some extent D. until a certain extent

to some extent(在某种程度上)

答案 C

11. My parents are not interested in modern music. They are _______ the times.

A. before B. behind C. after D. against

答案 B

12. Im rather anxious _______ her , for I havent heard from her for a long time.

A. toward B. about C. in D. over

be anxious about

hear from sb.(收到某人来信)

答案 B

13. Who is responsible _______ the arrangements?

A. for make B. to make C. to making D. for making

be responsible for

答案 D

14. “Edward was terribly impolite to Miss Smith.”

“Yes, he should be ________ himself.”

A. sorry for B. sorry about

C. ashamed with D. ashamed of

be impolite to sb(对某人没有礼貌)

ashame of(感到羞愧)

be sorry for/about sth. 自责 Arent you sorry for/ about what youve done?

be/feel sorry for sb.

(1) 同情 I feel sorry for anyone who has to drive in this bad weather?

(2)对某人有些不赞成,怜悯某人 If he doesnt realize the consequences of his actions, Im sorry for him.

答案 D

15. I am disappointed with the new officers elected in our club, but there is no point ______ about it.

A. complain B. in complaining C. for us complain D. with us to complain

no point in doing sth.

point:价值 Theres not much point in complaining, they never take any notice.

答案 B

16. To say that someones work is not good is to find fault ______ it .

A. of B. with C. for D. on

find fault with(对……找缺点)

答案 B

17. The airport is five miles ________ .

A. away from here B. far from here

C. far away from here D. from here away

away from (离……远)

答案 A

18. Tom has been _______ the telephone for two hours.

A. on B in C. at D. for

be on the telephone 接电话

答案 A

19. _______ fun and exercise, swimming is a very useful skill.

A. Beside B. Besides C. Except for D. But for



except for(除了)

but for(要不是)

Three others went there besides me.

Everyone went there except me.

答案 B

20. _______ the heavy snow last night, none of the classes have been cancelled at the university.

A. Despite of B. In spite of C. In spite D. Despite with

in spite of=despite(尽管)

答案 B

21. The movie we saw last night was very different _______ the novel.

A. of B. to C. from D. with

be different from

答案 C

22. I prefer writing a term paper _______ taking an examination.

A. than B. to C. for D. rather than

prefer to


I prefer coffee to tea.

prefer+doing to+ doing

答案 B

23. The picture reminds me _______ the time we spent together in New York.

A. of B. in C. for D. to

remind sb. of sth.

答案 A 24. From here we can see the bridge _______ construction.

A. below B. by C. under D. with

under construction:在建设中

The new railway is still under construction.

答案 C