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In recent years, due to the country to promote low-carbon living, now the city has many people usually go out no more cars, but with the bike, and some people just walk.

Also, in the summer, people a few years ago still use air conditioning. Later, some people learn the low carbon life, no longer open air conditioning, but with less power of the electric fan, now, people have even the fans are no longer in use, but with the fan.

Now, our family life is the lowest carbon water, we pool water, has now become a bucket. The pond water will flow into the bucket. Buckets of water to flush the toilet, take a shower of water of our home is generally used to flush the toilet. Washing machine is the same water.

Low carbon life.


Now more and more people get to know it’s important to protect our living environment. From now on. I’ll use fewer plastic bags to reduce white pollution. In order to save energy I’ll plant more trees so that the air will be fresher. I’ll take less lift and reuse water At last l will use second-hand books,so we don’t need to cut down more trees. If everyone takes action, our enivronment will be better and better. Our world will be more beautiful.